Liberty Prairie Farm
Owner: Mary Price
7003 State Rt. 140
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Cell: (618) 781-1468


Natural Boarding at Liberty Prairie Farm

The parallels between stalling and prison are so striking! Cooped up for 23 hours a day in a space they barely have room to turn around in, out one hour a day in the ‘exercise yard’ IF they are lucky, solid walls blocking the view between the cells back on the cell block so they can neither see nor touch each other, food shoved through a slot in the door…I could go on!

These are sentient beings, not motorcycles you can just park in the garage. They are meant to be out, moving around freely among friends. These are intensely social animals; solitary confinement is stressful to them. Further, they are prey animals for whom safety is one of the biggest priorities in their lives. When running away–their number one defense when they are in danger–is prevented by confinement, this also does a number on them mentally. Coupled with low-volume meals 2x daily, plus all this stress, it is no wonder ulcers are common in horses. Not to mention just general nervousness and unhappiness. If a human coming to a horse’s stall to pet him and feed him a couple of carrots is the highlight of his day, he sure is leading an empty life. Being outside makes a happier, saner horse which is no doubt a safer mount!

In addition to a horse being happier out in company, he will also be healthier. The key to rehabilitating many horses with lameness problems is to keep them moving, which pasture board with other horses helps with. The soft footing in stalls does not provide enough hoof mechanism for harder-hoofed breeds, which is counter-productive for recovery. All horses, sound or not, should be maintained as much as possible in this natural manner.

That is why we do what we do!!!

We offer Natural Boarding that consists of 24 hour turn out on on rolling hills with green grass or dry lot dependent on individual horses’ needs, free choice shelters, 35 acres of multiple pastures pasture to roam, and 2 feedings of grain & hay per day. We also practice “storm watch”; this is when we will bring horses into stalls or smaller covered areas during extremely inclimate weather (hail, lightening, & ice) for the safety & convenience of the owner. We also check all horses daily for any injuries, lameness, or illness and contact owners/vets immediately (per owners instructions)!!!

We also have access to many top notch vets, dentists, farriers, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, and other integrative therapies to maintain the health of our partners. We have a Professional Hoof trimmer (3 years experience), Professional saddle-fitter (15 years experience), Professional Trainer (20 years experience), Professional Barn/Farm Manager (30 years experience) on site.

Our prices for boarding packages include…
Basic supplementation: garlic & vinegar during fly season, kelp & digestive enzymes for maximum health & wellness all seasons! We do not charge extra for horses that require special supplements (joint, calming, etc.) or special diets (Low Starch, Senior, etc.) HOWEVER, the owner is required to supply the products they would like their horses to have. These horses are split into individual areas to make sure they are getting their full rations. NO EXTRA CHARGE for this service!

Pasture-Plus Service – $325 – includes 40 acre pasture with free choice shelters, large pond, excellent quality hay, grain, & maintenance supplements, access to all facilities on premises.

Pasture-Plus with Storm Watch – $375 – includes 24hr turn out in one of our pastures plus the added bonus of storm watch: we bring your horse into stall or small covered area when severe weather threatens. Excellent quality grain, hay, & maintenance supplements, access to all facilities on premises.

Stall and Separate Turn-out – $500 – includes stall (at night or during the hottest part of the day depending on the season, but no longer than 10 hours!), excellent quality grain, hay, maintenance supplements, daily turn out. Access to all facilities on premises. Horses in training are automatically on full board. We turn out horses (with a partner or neighbor) as much as possible to maintain their mental & physical well being.

As of January 2012:

Large breed horse fee (1/2 draft, draft, warm blood):

$150/month + regular boarding fee

Anyone interested in boarding must fill out a Boarders Application.

Multiple Horse Families- Call for Pricing

Facilities Include:

Intimate sized barn with 6 stalls, large lighted indoor arena, wash areas with hot & cold water available, tack rooms with individual storage lockers, feed room, snack area with refrigerator & microwave, restroom / lounge.