Liberty Prairie Farm
Owner: Mary Price
7003 State Rt. 140
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Cell: (618) 781-1468

Learn & Lease

Learning-Lease Program: A UNIQUE extension of our lesson program

!!For the dedicated horse-lover!!

Learn to Take Care of Horses While Accelerating Your Handling & Riding Skills

Not sure if you are ready to BUY a horse?
Not sure if you have the knowledge or the skill to care for or train your own horse?

Our UNIQUE program helps people answer these questions BEFORE getting into horse ownership. Students will learn feeding routines & barn maintenance, basic health care with an emphasis on holistic practices, different aspects of horse personalities (horse-nalities), herd dynamics, ground skills (move their feet for safety in the seat), confidence in all different situations (arena, pasture, trail, etc.). All of this accelerates horsemanship & riding skills at lightning speed!!

It is like receiving constant lessons (riding AND ground work) and the ability to practice them while in the safety of a knowledgeable person. This makes sure that no lesson is practiced wrong. This program is “the most bang for your buck” in any riding lesson program around!!

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Hard hats are supplied by LPF and are required while mounted for persons under the age of 18 years. Adult students are encouraged, but NOT required to wear helmets. You are welcome to purchase your own ASTM approved helmet through local tack shops, online tack shops, Rural King, Tractor Supply Company, Farm & Home Store, or other various suppliers.

Lesson & Lease Program


This is a month-to-month lease program including free-time riding along with group lessons to keep learning new skills while having time to practice in between. Horses of many different skill levels are used in this program to help students learn the many different aspects of horse personalities & abilities.

This program includes:

2 group lessons per week

Use of all tack & grooming supplies

Hoof trims, supplements, vet care costs are included in the monthly fee.

When in this program, you are able to have extra services

at boarders’ discounted rates.

Full Time Lease (5 days / week) $650 ($27.50 /day)

Part Time Lease (3 days / week) $450 ($33.33 /day)