Liberty Prairie Farm
Owner: Mary Price
7003 State Rt. 140
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Cell: (618) 781-1468


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Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance – Keep Backyards, Small Farms & Ranches FREE from NAIS chipping of animals!

Natural Boarding:
All Natural Horse Care
Horses By Nature
All Natural Horses

Natural Hoof Care:
Hoof Rehab
Mackinaw Dells II – More Info for Natural Barefoot Hoof Care

Natural Horse Nutrition: Organic Feeds & Supplements:
The Herbal Horse
Advanced Biological Concepts
Balanced Equine Nutrition

Online Stores:
THE BEST riding pants made in the USA

Organizations/ Registries:
American Gaited Pony Registry
Centered Riding
Paso Fino Horse Association
Am Paint Horse Association

Natural Training for Horse & Rider:
Natural Horsemanship with Michael Gonzales
Karen Scholl
Centered Riding

Other Horse Related Sites:

Magazines & Books:
Equine Wellness Magazine
Natural Horse
Centered Riding by Sally Swift
Easy Gaited Horses by Lee Ziegler
Dancing With Horses – The Art of Body Language by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS
(this title is divided into 2 separate books: English Saddles & Western Saddles)
The Soul Of A Horse: Life Lessons From The Herd by Joe Camp
Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration by Sally Swift
The Way Your Horse Wants You To Ride: Starting Out ~ Starting Over by Gincy Self-Bucklin
The Tao Of Equus by Linda Kohanov
Riding Between The Worlds by Linda Kohanov
Equine Essential Oils by Cheryl W. Rennels
Essential Oils Desk Reference compiled by Essential Science Publishing
Holistic Horse Magazine