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Natural Hoofcare

Natural Hoof Trimming: The Benefits of Going Barefoot

What is a natural trim?
A natural trim is a whole horse trim. It is modeled after the wild horse hoof. It is not just a hoof trim, it is a lifestyle change.
Just like you can't lose weight by just going on a diet, you can't get a mustang hoof by just trimming one on!

In order for the horses to grow and maintain this type of ideal hoof, we have adopted at our farm a natural feeding program customized for the soil in our area along with varied terrain that mimic the conditions of the wild; conditioning and "callusing" the sole, thus creating a domestic "wild" hoof to the best of our ability.

Once the sole is callused, most horses can handle natural trail conditions and can be easily ridden barefoot, even over rocks! Regular maintenance of the terrain is necessary to ensure the best hooves possible.

If you would like to know more or would like to get your horses on a natural trim program, please contact us. Boarding at our facility is not required. We make house calls and welcome trailer-ins. Our charge for this service is $40 per horse.

One of the signatures of a good natural hoof is the mustang roll. This keeps the hoof wall "tight" against the lamini, preventing splits, cracks and other laminitic conditions, even on the hardest trail and arena terrain!

Mary is a Natural Hoof Trimmer trained under retired AANHCP instructor Ida Hammer & further educated with methods taught by Pete Ramey. She has been practicing and studying for nearly 2 years working towards AHA certification.

"Let the wild horse model & scientific research be your guide to better your horse's hooves, overally health, and performance." ~NHT